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NOTE: All {ippity} orders are now being taken at the Unity Stamp Co website: http://unitystampco.com/ippity-chicks/default.aspx
ATTENTION: Due to privacy laws, I'm not able to obtain lists of anyone who has purchased {ippity} under my name at the Unity Stamp Co website. Therefore, I'm so sorry that I haven't and won't be able to, send any extra goodies after you have purchased {ippity}.

{ippity} Catalog is HERE!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

To order these adorable new sets, you can go to the Unity Stamp Co website...please click on my name and photo when ordering! *smile*

Soooo cute...here is the March 8th release!

Something GROOVY $6.50

Counts as Fruit $6.50

Raining Happy $6.50

dream a little dream $14.00

Be Brave...Branch Out $14.00

Thursday, February 09, 2012

February Release is here!

To order these fabby new sets, you can go to the Unity Stamp Co website...please click on my name and photo when ordering! *smile*
There is a release party at Splitcoast Stampers starting at 7p Central and "Inspirational Bingo" is already started...go HERE to put your words in to be ready for tonight!

My Kitchen to Yours

fabulous girl

Friendship Rainbow


sucks to get old

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Updated: Order your {ippity} from me at the Unity website!

Updated:  UNITY WEBSITE NOW WORKING!  You can order your {ippity} from me at the Unity website by clicking on my picture; or you may still order from me directly by sending me an email with your order to:
jenstampin4u at aol dot com

Also, I will have limited inventory in hand shortly, so if you want me to ship it, please order it before it's gone!

Thank you!
YOUR {ippity} chick, JEN!

Update, Jan 11th:  Okay, so I just wanted to let you know...
Unity's website expert is still working on the ability to order your {ippity} on the Unity website.

Stay tuned and sorry for the delay!  It is still exciting to have this convenient method of ordering, so just wait a little longer!  It will be well worth it...PROMISE! *wink*

This weekend, YOU will be able to order any {ippity} directly from ME via the Unity website!!!  Woohoo, yippie!

And guess what?  YOU also can combine them WITH your Unity order and they will all ship together, straight from Unity!  Woohoo, yippie!

Oh and a biggie:  ANY Unity DISCOUNT CODE used in combination with your order of {ippity} WILL WORK, including Unity Kit Member 25% discount codes.  Woohoo, yippie!

Can you believe that?  It's soooooo exciting!  It'll be so easy to place an order, and 
In order to continue to receive the 'extra's' from me, you will need to click on MY photo at the Unity {ippity} site when shopping and placing your order.  More details on 'how' will be posted as soon as I receive the details!

If you feel that I have earned your {ippity} chick goodness, then please shop with me!  
Here's my photo that will be at the Unity {ippity} shop:

YOUR {ippity} chick: JENNY JOHNS
Jenny Johns

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

January Releases~

NEW {ippity} itty bitty sets appearing January 5th!
Just send me an email @ jenstampin4u at aol dot com, with your order, or you may order them at the Unity {ippity} website this weekend...woohoo!

"Bee" Better Together
$5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

*you may recognize these little bees...they are from the Unity July KOM...Unity is trying something a little different by allowing these individual stamps to be sold by Unity Endorsed {ippity} chicks!  Isn't this fun?!!

Wise Guy
$5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

sweet on you
$5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

$5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

HAPPY are those
$5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

December {ippity}!

They are here...the new December {ippity} sets:

Your Friendship - My Cup of Tea
$ 9.00 (MSRP $10.00)
soooooooo ca-ute!

Do what makes you happy
$ 5.40 (MSRP $6.00)
looooove this!

Giggles x 3
$ 9.00 (MSRP $10.00)
such sweetness!

Just sayin' *wink*
...send me an email (jenstampin4u at aol dot com) 
with your order! 

YOUR {ippity} chick Jen!

Friday, October 21, 2011

November 5th Sets Ready to Ship!

Ready to ship out today!
Just email me at jenstampin4u at aol dot com to place your order!

Pain and Pride $5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

Warm Wishes $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October 5th release is here!

.time for...friends & wine  $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)

Thanks for all Things $5.40 (MSRP $6.00)


Monday, September 05, 2011

September 5th Release is here!

Gingham Christmas Greetings $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)

All things are POSSIBLE $5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

More on my regular blog HERE!

Friday, August 05, 2011

New August 2011 Sets!

"Loads of Love" = $5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

Picture of Loads of Love

"Make Your Mark" = $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)

Picture of Make Your Mark


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July 2011 Sets!

shine, shine, shine = $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)
~none in stock, would need to place an order

thankful for you = $5.40 (MSRP $6.00)

Friday, May 20, 2011

NEW 2011 {ippity} sets!

New 2011 {ippity} release!
Please email me if you have any questions at all! *smile*

The Best = $22.50 (MSRP $25.00)

The Man = $5.40 (MSRP $6.00) 

Flowers + Friends = Priceless = $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)

My True Joy = $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)

New Season, New Wonder = $16.20 (MSRP $18.00)